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Just the 3 of Us (2016)

"Just the 3 of Us" is a 2016 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring John Lloyd Cruz, Jennylyn Mercado and Richard Yap. This pinoy film is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. This is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot: "Just The 3 Of Us" is centered on an unlikely love story between polar opposites Uno (Cruz) and CJ (Mercado) – two strangers, and how one night changes their lives forever. Unforeseen circumstances collide and force Uno and CJ to live under the same roof as they both deal with their sense of responsibility and their yearning for security. Uno is motivated by his sense of family while CJ is governed by an unconditional love that should put her first above everything else.

The unlikely thing that binds Uno and CJ together paves the way for them to find in each other the kind of love they never thought they needed.

Supporting Cast: Joel Torre, Maria Isabel Lopez, Ketchup Eusebio, Joem Bascon, Yana Asistio, Victor Silayan, Fifth Solomon, Manuel Chua, PJ Endrinal, Michael Agassi, Josef Elizalde, Jed Montero, Lucas Magallang, Paulo Angeles, Pontri Bernardo

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Mrs. Recto (2011)

"Mrs. Recto" is a 2011 Filipino drama comedy movie starring Regine Velasquez. This indie film is directed by Dante Nico Garcia. This is produced by Panoramanila Pictures, Inc.

The original Mrs. Recto is set in Claro M. Recto Ave. in 1994 where Velasquez plays Clara M. of Recto, a takilyera who is a die-hard fan of Vilma Santos until the moviehouses of Recto Ave. turned obsolete due to the coming of mall-based theaters and had to close down.

Clara is a single mother to a precious daughter named Monica Quijano, Vilma Santos’ character in Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos to refer to her fixation with the Star for All Seasons. She tried to survive by turning into a shop owner on Recto Ave. who peddles fake certificates and enrolment documents for a living.

Supporting Cast: Glaiza de Castro, Elmo Magalona, Coney Reyes, Pen Medina

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Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin (2016)

"Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin" is a 2016 Filipino comedy movie starring Maricel Soriano, Herbert Bautista and Cristine Reyes. This anthology movie which is based on Bob Ong's 2011 book with the same title is directed by Mark Meily, Andoy Ranay and Chris Martinez. This is produced by Viva Films and Heaven's Best Entertainment.

Episode 1: Bala Sa Bala, Kamao Sa Kamao, Satsat Sa Satsat
The first film in the trilogy centers around Diego, an action star who wants to take revenge against a group of bad guys, also known as "Bandidos" (bandits), after they killed his parents, his wife, Ashley, and everyone who attended their wedding, just a few moments right after they get married at the beginning of the film. As the story unfolds, Diego, being an action star, gets into misadventures and finds himself in trouble-after-trouble. Unfortunately, Divina Tuazon, a famous actress and Diego's new found leading lady, was kidnapped by the Bandidos. Finally, in an abandoned warehouse (a setting where most of Pinoy action films' final scenes takes place), Diego tries to save Divina from the evil hands of Bandido's merciless and heartless leader named "Bos".

The plot generally follows themes from classic Filipino action movies, as well as comedy films from early 80's to 90's. For example, Diego's sidekicks, Dodoy and Momoy uses slapstick from time to time, a type of comedy which was very popular in the country for the past decades.

Episode 2: Shake, Shaker, Shakest
A middle-cass family was forced to enter and stay in a white haunted house for several days after being stranded in an unfamiliar place. The title is play on the Shake, Rattle & Roll film series and the plot is a ludicrous horror film.

Episode 3: Asawa ni Marie
A rags-to-riches story about Marie, a poor girl who has a confusing status in life and love. The plot is similar to Philippine dramas/ soap operas, particularly Marimar.

Supporting Cast: Antoinette Taus, Paolo Ballesteros, Jason Gainza, Candy Pangilinan, Benjie Paras, Shy Carlos, Jackie Lou Blanco, John Regala, Rez Cortez, Ryan Eigenmann, Joey Paras, Roxanne Barcelo, Bearwin Meily, Andrew Muhlach, JM Ibañez, Ernie Concepcion

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Maria Labo (2015)

"Maria Labo" is a 2015 Filipino drama-horror movie starring Kate Brios and Jestoni Alarcon. This scary film is directed by Roi Vinzon. This is produced by KIB Productions, Star Builders Talent Agency and Film Production. It is distributed by Viva Films.

Plot: An abused OFW returns home with a curse that turned her into a monster who devours human flesh. As her husband looks for answers about her mysterious transformation, the town is in serious danger as she remains at large.

Supporting Cast: Maria dela Cruz, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Mon Confiado, Rez Cortez, Miggs Cuaderno, Lenlen Frial, Baron Geisler, Dennis Padilla, Sam Pinto

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Padre de Familia (2016)

"Padre de Familia" is a 2016 Filipino drama movie starring Nora Aunor, Coco Martin, and Julia Montes. This pinoy film is directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. This was produced by CCM Creatives, Outpost Visual Frontier, Toast Productions, Inc. and Imaginary Friends Studios. It was distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot: It is a story of an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), Noel (Coco Martin) who has to assume the responsibility of being the breadwinner of the family after his father went missing. Likewise, it is also the story of the housewife, Aida (Nora Aunor) who has to assume the head of the family because the husband went away and never came back.

Supporting Cast: Joel Torre, Rosanna Roces, Joem Bascon, Baron Geisler, Anita Linda, Miles Ocampo, Manuel Chua, Jess Mendoza, Paolo Diangson, Janvier Daily, Sunshine Teodoro, Armand Reyes, Malou Crisologo

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Whistleblower (2016)

"Whistleblower" is a 2016 Filipino suspense thriller movie starring Nora Aunor, Cherry Pie Picache and Angelica Panganiban. This pinoy film is directed by Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr.. This is produced by Quento Media and Unitel Pictures.

Plot: In a world of dirty money and two-faced politicians, Zeny Roblado (Nora Aunor), a quiet, unassuming accountant, becomes embroiled in a dangerous struggle between the scheming Lorna Valera (Cherry Pie Pecache) and the powers Lorna serves.

Desperate, Zeny turns to reporter Teresa Saicon (Angelica Panganiban) to expose the truth. But what truth will Zeny reveal? And at what price?

As the lies begin to unravel, only one question remains. Can you be trusted?

Supporting Cast: Benjamin Alves, Carlo Aquino, Ricky Davao, Ina Feleo, Laurice Guillen, Anita Linda, Leo Rialp, Lloyd Samartino, Yul Servo, Flor Salanga, Bernardo Bernardo, Art Acuña, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Mengge Cobarrubias, Cogie Domingo, Ronnie Henares, Vangie Labalan, Celeste Legaspi, Liza Lorena, Pancho Magno, Allan Paule, John Rendez, Rosanna Roces, Lauren Young

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Elemento (2016)

"Elemento" is a 2016 Filipino horror-drama movie starring Cristine Reyes. This pinoy film is directed by Mark Meily. This is produced and distributed by Viva Films.

Plot: A young boy comes back from a field trip in the woods with something inside him. His mother must resort to supernatural means to save her son and herself.

Supporting Cast: Elizabeth Oropesa, Cholo Barretto, Rolando Inocencio, Jenny Quizon, Joshua Strangeland, Mitzy Omega, Lolita Gervacio

Special Participation: Jake Cuenca

Introducing: Albert Silos

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Always Be My Maybe (2016)

"Always Be My Maybe" is a 2016 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz. This pinoy film is directed by Dan Villegas. This is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot: “Always Be My Maybe” tackles a prevalent setup in relationships these days: the no-label kind, as more and more people seem afraid to commit. They are represented by Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz’s characters, who both came from failed relationships. Things will take an unexpected turn in their lives when they meet and help each other forget their exes. In losing the pain, will they find a love that’s for always in each other? Or will things remain just “maybe”?

Supporting Cast: Jane Oineza, Cacai Bautista, Ricci Chan, TJ Trinidad, Tirso Cruz III, Irma Adlawan, Nikki Valdez, Carlo Aquino, Matt Evans, Ahron Villena, Pepe Herrera, Jairus Aquino, Victor Silayan

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Everything About Her (2016)

"Everything About Her" is a 2016 Filipino drama comedy movie starring Angel Locsin, Xian Lim and Vilma Santos. This pinoy film is directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal. This is produced by Star Cinema.

Plot: "Everything About Her" follows the story of a successful businesswoman named Vivian (Vilma Santos), who learned that she is suffering from stage 3 cancer. She then hires a private nurse, Jaica (Angel Locsin), to take care of her. But she's bound to play a bigger role in Vivian's life as she becomes the bridge between the mother and her son Albert (Xian Lim), who have felt neglected all his life. How will the three change and be changed by their circumstances?

Supporting Cast: Michael De Mesa, Nonie Buencamino, Khalil Ramos, Devon Seron, Alexa Ilacad, Jana Agoncillo, Vangie Labalan, Buboy Villar, Niña Dolino, Dante Ponce, Bart Guingona

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Girlfriend for Hire (2016)

"Girlfriend for Hire" is a 2016 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Donnalyn Bartolome and Shy Carlos. This pinoy film is directed by Vanessa U. de Leon. This is produced and distributed by Viva Films and SM Development Corp. (SMDC).

Plot: A rich guy hires an orphaned poor girl to be his pretend girlfriend in order to escape his grandfather’s plan of marrying him off to another woman. In exchange of her service, he gives her a posh condo unit and a big weekly salary but there’s a catch: she’s not allowed to fall in love with him. Eventually, they start falling for each other and just when everything is going fine, his ex-girlfriend (and first love) resurfaces. Will he give their old love a second chance or will he choose to be with his hired girlfriend?

Supporting Cast: Josh Padilla, King Certeza, Clint Bondad, Jovic Monsod, Ara Mina, Abby Bautista, Ronaldo Valdez, Janna Roque, Clark Merced, Via Aurigue, Jelson Bay

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Angela Markado (2015)

"Angela Markado" is a 2015 Filipino action-drama movie starring Andi Eigenmann. This pinoy crime film is directed by Carlo J. Caparas. This is co-produced by Viva Films and Oro de Siete Productions.

Plot: “Angela Markado,” centers on a young woman who has been emboldened by the tragedies and traumas she had to endure, such as rape and the death of her loved ones.

Supporting Cast: Jeffrey Quizon, Epy Quizon, Polo Ravales, Paolo Contis, Felix Roco, CJ Caparas

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Ang Turkey Man ay Pabo Rin (2013)

"Ang Turkey Man ay Pabo Rin" is a 2013 Filipino comedy movie starring Tuesday Vargas, Julia Clarete and Cai Cortez. This pinoy film is directed by Randolph Longjas. This is produced by the CineFilipino Film Festival.

Plot: Fil-Am romantic relationships: We see a sampling of them in all places. The best stereotype is an ordinary-looking, gaudily-dressed Filipina clinging to an obviously older, casually-clad foreigner, caught in the bubble of their conversation, traversing the street as if it was their own. That visual often intrigues us, to say the least. What then, if we feature their lives amidst the judgment, bias and ridicule, beyond what we see in passing? What is their story?

Ang Turkey Man Ay Pabo Rin does just that, as it features one such couple: Cookie and Matthew Adams, a Filipino-American pair. The story begins when an online Fil-Am dating site decides to document a week in the life of these two site users who successfully found love in the net, with the aim of promoting such relationships through presenting the dynamics of their peculiar relationship.

The documentary opens with an introduction of the couple; their origins manifest a stark contrast at the onset. The show further establishes them as a couple by showing a typical day of the Adams. Hilarity ensues as the twosome strive to embrace each other’s cultural differences: Matthew encounters miscommunication, odd customs and unusual habits inherent to the Filipinos which he must be accustomed to (or else); while on Cookie’s end, the challenge is to successfully hurdle one of the most rigid and stringent examinations at present: the U.S. Immigration Citizenship Application.

Meanwhile, the online production team goes on to document milestones of the Fil-Am couple’s week, including (but not limited to) the following: eating balut; loud karaoke music; a telenovela sick leave marathon; food fight on a fiesta; black-outs and brownouts; the “A” word; ukay-ukay fashion shows; and a visit from superstitious in-laws; all culminating in an event we Filipinos have not imbibed despite a decades-long relationship with the United States: A Thanksgiving celebration, featuring arguably the most sumptuous centerpiece of all-- the roast turkey. Every day lies a question: will their cultures clash and burn? Or will they succeed in receiving the best of both worlds?

Supporting Cast: JM de Guzman, Travis Kraft, Ronald Inocencio, Madlen Nicolas, Micko Laurente

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Wang Fam (2015)

"Wang Fam" is a 2015 Filipino horror comedy movie starring Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Pokwang and Alonso Muhlach. This pinoy film is directed by Wenn V. Deramas. This is produced and distributed by VIVA Films.

Plot: Before Malou Wang (Pokwang), the last virgin of the aswang clan, got sacrificed by her brother Jok-Jok (Wendell Ramos), she meets Bu Wang (Benjie Paras), a botanist. The two fell in love instantly and raised three kids: Duke Wang (Andre Paras), Cala Wang (Abby Bautista) and Vey Wang (Alonzo Muhlach), far away from Malou's aswang clan. As the Wang Family tried their hardest to fit in and look normal despite being monsters, Jok-Jok tracks them down. Can the Wang Family save themselves from the clutches of Jok-jok before it’s too late?

Supporting Cast: Benjie Paras, Candy Pangilinan, Wendell Ramos, Joey Paras, Abbey Bautista

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Beauty and the Bestie (2015)

"Beauty and the Bestie" is a 2015 Filipino action comedy movie starring Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Marco Masa and Alonzo Muhlach. This 2015 Metro Manila Film Fest entry, which is currently the highest grossing movie of all time, is directed by Wenn V. Deramas. This is co-produced by ABS-CBN Film Productions and VIVA Films and is distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot: For an important case, a policeman needs the help of his former best friend to impersonate the daughter of a foreign dignitary in a beauty pageant.

The story focuses on Erika (Vice Ganda), who is not making nearly enough money running a photography studio to support his family. The problem is exacerbated when his young nephew is diagnosed with a rare condition that may lead to blindness. And that's when his former best friend Emman (Coco Martin) suddenly shows up. Emman works for the Elite Super Secret Task Force, a spy agency tasked with the security of an upcoming beauty pageant. Erika happens to look exactly like Ms. Uzeklovakia, who was abducted by terrorists led by an unnamed Japanese yakuza (Jacky Woo) and his Korean right-hand man, Jin Jhong (Ryan Bang) .

Emman asks Erika to pretend to be Ms. Uzeklovakia while the agency searches for the real deal. Erika is still nursing some hurt from the way he and Emman ended things, but he ends up taking on the task in exchange for help in caring for her family. Aside from all this, Erika's younger sister Abi (Nadine Lustre) and Emman's half-brother Tristan (James Reid) meet and end up falling in love. Erika must deal with his feelings for his former best friend while fending off terrorists and dealing with his worry for Abi's budding romance.

Before the Q/A portion of the coronation night, Erika encounters the real Ms. Uzeklovakia after she manages to escape from her kidnappers which she was disgusted from his scent until she was intercepted by Emman and his friends in order to secure her from the terrorists. With that Erika continues to pose as Ms. Uzeklovakia until he wins the pageant. It was soon interrupted by the terrorists who are attempting to kill the fake which is Erika and the terrorist leader manage to kidnap him thinking he was Ms. Uzeklovakia. Emman eventually intercepts the helicopter as he and the terrorist leader fight as Emman manages to kill him in time as Erika falls onto the ledge of the helicopter which he takes his hand finally reconciles their friendship until he drops Erika's hand and falls into the ocean which Emman follows him.

When Emman attempts to make CPR towards Erika after falling each other into the ocean, he was still alive and soon reunites with his family.

After the incident, the father of Ms. Uzeklovakia was happy that his daughter won the contest thanks to Erika's efforts in pretending as herself after she returns to their home country and reuniting with her father and he congratulates both Emman and Erika for rescuing her as both of them make their thankful speech.

The movie ends where both Emman and Erika are eating fishballs from a fishball bystander and both senses the shades was a detonator and it explodes knowing that another terrorist abducts another person from another country which makes both of them are summoned in their new mission.

Supporting Cast: Karla Estrada, Lassy Marquez, MC Calaquian, Badji Mortiz, Jacky Woo, Ryan Bang, Tetchie Agbayani, Boom Labrusca, Ron Morales, Tess Antonio, Wilma Doesnt, Randy See, Menggie Cobarrubias, Chrome Cosio, Jelson Bay, Nikko Natividad, Valerie Concepcion, Wendell Ramos, Phoemela Baranda, Jay-R, Karen Reyes, Raikko Mateo

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My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore (2015)

"My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Ai-Ai de las Alas, Vic Sotto, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. This entry to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival is directed by Jose Javier Reyes. This is produced by Octo Arts Films, M-Zet Productions, APT Entertainment and MEDA Productions. This is distributed by GMA Films. This is also Alden and Maine's (also known as "ALDUB") first movie together.

Plot: Dondi (Alden Richards) is a nerd and an obedient nephew to his aunt Cora (Ai-Ai delas Alas) who makes decisions for him. Meanwhile, Anna (Maine Mendoza) is a stubborn and rebellious girl who seeks the attention of her father Vito (Vic Sotto) who is a widower. Dondi and Anna cross path and their different personalities collide. They eventually fall in love with each other and solve their own problems. Vito and Cora are bitter business competitors and because of their rivalry, they disapprove the romantic relationship between Dondi and Anna.

As their rivalry continues, Vito and Cora are caught up in a romance and this time, Dondi and Anna are the ones who disapprove of their relationship. Anna in particular strongly expresses her disagreement with the developing relationship between her father and Cora. She states that her departed mother was more beautiful than Cora. In the end, after they saw Vito and Cora being depressed because of their separation, Dondi and Anna set up a surprise party for their reunion and even inviting Aegis, close friends and business partners of Vito. After Vito and Cora were reunited and all seems well, Dondi and Anna almost kiss but was interrupted by a heart wipe transition leaving up to speculation to the audience if they were able to kiss at all. At the post-credit scene, Lola Nidora (a character in Kalyeserye) appears and urged the audience to wait for a "part two", presumably of the film.

Supporting Cast: Arlene Muhlach, Valeen Montenegro, Ryan Yllana, Sancho Vito delas Alas, Manny Castañeda, Lilia Cuntapay, Rolando Inocencio, Paulina Sotto

Special Appearance: Joey de Leon, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Pauleen Luna, Ruby Rodriguez, Jimmy Santos, Tito Sotto, Anjo Yllana, Aegis

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Honor Thy Father (2015)

"Honor Thy Father" is a 2015 Filipino thriller-drama movie starring John Lloyd Cruz. This 2015 Metro Manila Film Fest entry is directed by Erik Matti. This is produced by Reality Entertainment. This was initially included as a contender to the Best Picture category in the 41st MMFF event but was recently removed from the said category because the producers of the film failed to disclose that this was also a part of the CineFilipino event.

Plot: The film is about a family who find themselves in a Ponzi scheme. Edgar (John Lloyd Cruz) and Kaye (Meryll Soriano) seek to pay their family's debt to Kaye's co-parishioners. The couple fear that the parishioners may hurt their daughter.

Supporting Cast: Meryll Soriano, Dan Fernandez, Tirso Cruz III, Perla Bautista, Yayo Aguila, Khalil Ramos, William Martinez, Lander Vera Perez, Boom Labrusca, Krystal Brimner, Dalin Sarmiento

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#Walang Forever (2015)

"#Walang Forever" is a 2015 romantic comedy movie starring Jericho Rosales and Jennylyn Mercado. This pinoy film is directed by Dan Villegas. This is produced by MJM Productions, Tuko Film Productions, and Buchi Boy Films. This is distributed by Quantum Films. This won first place in the Best Picture category in the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Plot: Mia, a celebrated writer of romantic-comedy films, is at a turning point in her life which makes it difficult for her to believe that love could last. Everything comes to a head when Ethan returns, only for her to find out that he has become a cynic of lasting love because she broke his heart.

Supporting Cast: Lorna Tolentino, Jerald Napoles, Nico Antonio, Pepe Herrera, Cai Cortez, Kim Molina, Juan Miguel Severo, Sebastian Castro, Irma Adlawan, Myke Salomon (DJ Myke), Patrick Sugui

Special Participation: Matet de Leon, Sofia Andres, Julian Estrada, Jon Lucas, Michelle Vito, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Sid Lucero, Liza Diño, Yves Flores, Alyanna Asistio, Jane Oineza, Khalil Ramos, Derek Ramsay, Maja Salvador

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All You Need Is Pag-ibig (2015)

"All You Need Is Pag-ibig" is a 2015 MMFF movie starring Kris Aquino, Bimby Aquino Yap, Derek Ramsay, Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Jodi Sta. Maria and Ian Veneracion. This pinoy film is directed by Antoinette Jadaone. This is produced by Star Cinema.

Plot: To remind everyone how inspiring it is to love and to feel loved, "All You Need Is Pag-ibig” explores and celebrates the complexity of human relationships in all their forms. The movie features varied forms of love: family love, sibling love, puppy love, unrequited love, ruined love, prospering love, in denial love, jaded love, and true love, among others. After all, what the world needs now is love.

Supporting Cast: Talia Concio, Julia Concio, Pokwang, Ronaldo Valdez, Nova Villa

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Buy Now, Die Later (2015)

"Buy Now, Die Later" is a 2015 MMFF movie starring Vhong Navarro, Alex Gonzaga, Rayver Cruz, John Lapus, Lotlot de Leon, TJ Trinidad and Janine Gutierrez. This pinoy film is directed by Randolph Longjas. This is a joint venture of MJM Production, Tuko Film Production, and Buchi Boy Films. This is distributed by Quantum Films.

Plot: The film is about a compendium of five interrelated stories brought together by the proprietor of a curio shop selling unusual items. Santi (portrayed by TJ Trinidad), who says the role is kind of demonic.[3] Each of the character’s story is weaved around the five senses – sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Supporting Cast: Jason Gainza, Cai Cortez, Markki Stroem, Manuel Chua

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Nilalang (2015)

"Nilalang" is a 2015 MMFF movie starring Cesar Montano and Maria Ozawa. This Filipino-Japanese film is directed by Pedring Lopez. This is a joint venture of Haunted Tower Pictures, WeLovePost, and Parallax Studios. It is distributed by Viva Films.

Plot: NBI special crimes division agent Tony (Cesar Montano) encounters an evil entity which is bent on killing and torturing beautiful women, one of which was his girlfriend, years after he have thought to have killed the malevolent spirit. People close to Tony is in danger including his partner Jane (Meg Imperial), who has romantic interest towards him with everyone in the agency aware of this fact except for Tony.

The spirit, who has killed many people in Japan, is thought to be targeting women from a certain clan of samurai. In Manila, Miyuki (Maria Ozawa) takes care the family business with her younger sister taking care their aging father. Miyuki is later forced to help in the investigation regarding the murders after Akane went missing and their father was found dead to put of stop to the evil entity's killing spree.

Supporting Cast: Meg Imperial, Yam Concepcion, Cholo Barretto, Dido de la Paz, Kiko Matos, Aubrey Miles, Alexandre Charlet

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