Maria, Leonora, Teresa (2014)

"Maria, Leonora, Teresa" is a 2014 Filipino horror movie starring Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo, and Jodi Sta. Maria. This pinoy film is produced by Star Cinema. It is directed by Wenn V. Deramas.

Plot: “Maria, Leonora, Teresa” revolves around three parents named Faith (Iza Calzado), Stella (Jodi Sta. Maria), and Julio (Zanjoe Marudo) who lost their respective children Maria, Leonora, and Teresa in an accident.

To cope with their loss, the three decide to take care of the dolls they received from a psychologist named Manolo (Cris Villanueva).

For a certain period of time the dolls were able to ease their pain and longing until the patterned, violent deaths of their loved-ones start to horrify their respective families.

Supporting Cast: Dante Ponce, Joem Bascon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Cris Villanueva, Rhed Bustamante, Marco Masa, Joey Paras, Tess Antonio, Eagle Riggs, Dang Cruz, Niña Dolino

Introducing: Jonicka Cyleen Mondo, Juvy Lyn Bison, Robert Bermudez

The Gifted (2014)

The Gifted is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, and Cristine Reyes. This rom-com pinoy film with a little touch of drama is co-produced by MVP Entertainment and Viva Films. It is directed by Chris Martinez. This is Anne and Cristine's second movie together after the box-office hit, "No Other Woman."

Plot: "The Gifted" is about two girls who are gifted with extremely high IQ, the fat kid, Zoe Tuazon (Anne Curtis) and the nerd, Aica Tabayoyong (Cristine Reyes). They are the best of friends until campus heartthrob, Mark Ferrer (Sam Milby) comes in between them! Soon enough, Zoe and Aica have parted ways.

Years later, they met again - not the same fat kid and nerdy nerd they used to be, but stunningly gorgeous and ravishing. Will their friendship be mended or will this cause more trouble?

Supporting Cast: Candy Pangilinan, Dominic Ochoa, Arlene Muhlach, Ricky Rivero, Raquel Villavicencio, Abby Bautista, Isay Alvarez, Ana Abad-Santos, Rubi-Rubi, Alliyah Fatima Dela Riva, Ashley Rivera, Shehyee, Clark Merced

Introducing: Via Antonio, Kalila Aguilos, Jelson Bay, Patricia Ysmael, Roden Araneta, Juan Miguel Urquico, Juan Carlos Urquico, Marco Brillo, Jason Barraquio

Talk Back and You're Dead (2014)

Talk Back and You're Dead is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring James Reid, Nadine Lustre, and Joseph Marco. This pinoy film which is under Skylight Films and Viva Films is directed by Andoy Ranay. This marks the onscreen reunion of James and Nadine following the success of their breakthrough film, "Diary ng Panget."

Plot: "Talk Back and You're Dead" is a movie based on best-selling Wattpad novel of Alesana Marie. This is about the beautiful love story of how a gangster, Timothy Odelle Pendleton also known as T.O.P (James Reid) fell in love with the perfect girl, Samantha Perez (Nadine Lustre).

Supporting Cast: Yassi Pressman as Audrey Dela Cruz, Via Carillo as Aphrodite "Sweety" Pendleton, Aj Muhlach as Lee Perez, Candy Pangilinan, Bobby Andrews, Cristopher Roxas, Jana Victoria, Coraleen Waddell as Michie Sta. Maria, Donnalyn Bartolome as China Dela Vega, Rosalie Van Ginkel as Maggie Dela Vega, Bret Jackson as Jacques Maunnick, Arkin Del Rosario as Seven Barasque, Josh Padilla as Six Barasque, Carlo Lazerna as Dos Cetventez, Kiko Ramos as Pip Morello, King Certeza as Kyohei Sagara, Aki Torio as Jun Morales, Cliff Hogan as Romeo D'Arrez, Billy Villeta as Alvince Montelegre, Ryan Kevin as Mond Villaraza, Clark Merced as Raine Montecillo, and Carissa Quintas as Hershey

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Somebody To Love (2014)

Somebody To Love is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Carla Abellana, Matteo Guidicelli, Jason Abalos, Maricar Reyes-Poon, Isabelle Daza, and Iza Calzado. This pinoy film which is under Regal Films is directed by critically-acclaimed director, Jose Javier Reyes. This is one of first this year to feature actors from rival networks, GMA and ABS-CBN.

Plot: The film is made up of different stories depicting that everyone, no matter who they are and what their status in life may be, are looking for that “special someone.”

For instance, Carla Abellana's character as Sabrina in the movie is a simple woman whose best friend is secretly in love with her. However, another guy from work will try to win her heart... or will he really?

An unrequited love, meanwhile, will be the struggle of Matteo Guidicelli's character, Tristan. Tristan is deeply, madly, and crazy in love with Valeria, who ignores his efforts. He then turns to Sabrina. But then are his intentions for her real or just for show?

Jason Abalos, meanwhile, plays Nicco who is secretly in love with his best friend Sabrina. However, Nicco is scared to admit his feelings for his best friend.

Isabelle Daza gives life to Valeria, a woman who is scared of commitments, making her hesitant to label her relationship with Tristan.

Then there's Marga Castro portrayed by Iza Calzado. Marga is an actress with an attitude problem, yet she is scared to lose her stardom.

Maricar Reyes is Sophie, a woman who wants to save her sinking marriage caused by her infertility.

Ella Cruz's character Amelie tells the story of a young love. She's a girlfriend of a gym instructor, who, her best friend thinks, is cheating on her.

Albie Casiño plays the role of Jason, a gym instructor who finds himself the subject of flirting of his clients but remains loyal to his girlfriend...or is he?

A girl who falls in love with a gay guy and tries to change his heart, is Chloe's story, which will be portrayed by Kiray Celis.

Alex Castro gives life to Rainier, a nice and successful guy who can easily woo girls. The thing is, he's not into girls. Will he have a change of heart because of Chloe's persistent flirting?

Watch how all of their love stories change their lives.

Supporting Cast: Ella Cruz, Albie Casiño, Kiray Celis, Alex Castro

Introducing: Nathalie Hart

Special Participation: Jacklyn Jose, Jackie Lou Blanco, Beauty Gonzales, Cai Cortez, Manuel Chua, David Chua

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Overtime (2014)

Overtime is a 2014 Filipino suspense-thriller movie starring Richard Gutierrez and Lauren. This is Richard's comeback movie and first team-up with Lauren under GMA Films. It is directed by Wincy Aquino-Ong and Earl Ignacio.

Plot: The film opens with Kumander Bungo, a video blogger who spouts acid social commentary against the Philippine nation. He ends his web video with an imminent warning that something big is going to happen.

Jody Amistoso (Lauren Young), a lonely Executive Assistant working for Hunterton Pharmaceuticals. Her life is not pleasant. Her father is a drunken gambler. Her mother is chain-smoker struck with emphysema. She also has a younger brother named Bryan (Renz Valerio). Jody provides for her family. She pays all the bills, including Bryan’s tuition fees. Jody’s dream is to find a handsome man who will whisk her away from her obligations to her family.

Jody is tasked by his boss, Mr. Alonzo (Roi Vinzon), in organizing a press conference for the company—which is currently in hot water with the press, on charges of abduction and illegal human testing.

On a Friday evening, Jody is hard at work on her computer. On her computer, a long-time chat mate asks her if they could finally meet up for dinner. Tired and lonely, Jody obliges to meet the mystery man.

Jody and her chat mate meet up in a restaurant. His name is Dom (Richard Gutierrez).The sparks fly between them. Dom invites Jody to a motel and Jody obliges.

While at the motel, Jody senses that something is not right with Dom. Dom stabs Jody with a tranquilizer, knocking Jody out.

Jody wakes up the next morning and finds a bomb strapped to her stomach. Dom tells her that she should immediately go to her office, and when the time for the press conference comes, she should let the bomb explode and kill all those present. Or else… Dom will kill her brother.

Supporting Cast: Mitch Valdes, Bearwin Meily, Roadfill, Renz Valerio, and Mr. Roi Vinzon

Special Participation: William Martinez, Yayo Aguila, Edwin Reyes, Ruby Ruiz, Frencheska Farr, Elle Ramirez

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Trophy Wife (2014)

Trophy Wife is a 2014 Filipino adult drama movie starring Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay, Heart Evangelista, and John Estrada. This pinoy film which is under Viva Films is directed by Andoy Ranay. This is the first adult drama film of the year with Derek and Cristine together in a movie. It is a steamy, twisty story of love, passion, and deceit about the ties that break two men and the lies that bind their women. Nothing and no one is as they seem. A game where the winner does not take it all.

Plot: Chino (Ramsay) is shocked to find out that his brother Sammy (Estrada) is married to a woman with whom he had a romantic past, Lani (Reyes).

Chino's doubts about Lani turn out to be valid; it is revealed that Lani has been plotting her revenge on him, which includes marrying his brother. In one scene, Lani pieces together news clippings about Chino and Sammy, both society figures.

Lani even appears to shoot a man who is privy to her past.

Meanwhile, Chino's girlfriend Gwen (Evangelista) appears to be at odds with Lani. However, the two are later seen discussing their respective partners and how they should stick to a plan they have worked on for a year.

Supporting Cast: Jaime Fabregas, Jackie Lou Blanco, G Toengi, Jovic Monsod, Kian Kazemi, Clint Bondad, Jay Roa, John James Uy, Phoebe Walker, Akiko Orita, Creesha Galvero

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My Illegal Wife (2014)

My Illegal Wife is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Zanjoe Marudo and Pokwang. This laugh-out-loud pinoy film which is under Star Cinema and Skylight Films is directed by Tony Y. Reyes. This is the first rom-com love team for both Zanjoe and Pokwang.

Synopsis: "The Illegal Wife" follows the story of CLARISE (Pokwang), an OFW mother in Japan, and her desire to have a husband and father for her children. One day, Clarise bumps into HENRY (Zanjoe Marudo), a simple but brusko Pinoy promodiser. She seduces him, only to end up being ridiculed and rejected. Then, they meet again in a plane going back to the Philippines. Here, an accident happens. Clarise wakes up and finds herself in an island with Henry, who now has amnesia. Clarise takes advantage of the situation and introduces herself as his wife. She makes him believe that they have been married in Japan and they are on their way to the Philippines to get married in church. After being saved, Clarise then introduces Henry to her family and friends. Will Henry learn to really love Clarise? Or, will Henry find the truth about Clarise's lies? What if Henry learns that Clarise is his "illegal wife?"

Supporting Cast: Empoy Marquez, Edgar Allan Guzman, Pooh, Beauty Gonzalez, Joy Viado, Ms. Anita Linda, Hyubs Azarcon, Jobert Austria, Mikylla Ramirez, John Steven De Guzman

Introducing: Ellen Adarna

Special Participation: Jimmy Santos, Jackie Aquino

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Bang Bang Alley (2014)

Bang Bang Alley is a 2014 Filipino independent movie starring Megan Young. This is a 3-part crime drama anthology directed by Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon and King Palisoc, and produced by Ely Buendia's Nimbus Films under Curve Entertainment.

Plot: A crime anthology that delves into the culture of violence infecting our society, Bang Bang Alley, features four stories brought to vivid life by musician/writer Ely Buendia, award winning director King Palisoc, and stage actor/director/playwright Yan Yuzon.

A journalist who has just survived a political massacre, a driver spiraling into madness, a drug-addled wild child on the run from the police. These are just some of the haunted characters you will meet in the cramped darkness of Bang Bang Alley.

Supporting Cast: Art Acuña, Perla Bautista, Gabe Mercado, Bela Padilla, Jimmy Santos, Joel Torre, Althea Vega, Jamie Wilson, Yan Yuzon

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So It's You (2014)

So It's You is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring JC De Vera, Carla Abellana, and Tom Rodriguez. This pinoy film which is under Regal Films is directed by Jun Lana. This is the first rom-com for both Carla and Tom.

Plot: In So It’s You, Carla and Tom play Lira and Goryo, who are brought together by their respective misfortunes in the love department — the former unceremoniously dumped at the altar, the latter a spurned, single father.

Supporting Cast: Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Leo Martinez, Paolo Ballesteros, Bangs Garcia, Kevin Santos, Gee Canlas, Marc Justine Alvarez

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Maybe This Time (2014)

Maybe This Time is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo. This pinoy film which is under Star Cinema is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng. This marks the first movie team-up of Sarah and Coco.

Synopsis: Steph Asuncion (Sarah Geronimo) and Tonio Bugayong (Coco Martin) were once in love. Back then, she was a young girl who wanted a simple life and he was older, more ambitious than she was.

Tonio was a small town guy who wants to board a ship to provide for his family’s furniture business. Sarah was a Manila girl who spends the summer in the province for community service. What might have been a sweet relationship ended sourly when Tonio left without saying goodbye. Steph was heartbroken and it taught her to dream bigger to be worthy of love.

Will their paths cross again? Will they overcome the pains of the past to give love a second chance?

This is a story between two people who will be reminded about the importance of being true to one’s self in order for true love to happen.

Supporting Cast: Ruffa Gutierrez, Dennis Padilla, Buboy Garovillo, Sharmaine Buencamino, Tony Mabesa, Ogie Diaz, Marlann Flores, Zeppi Borromeo, Alex Castro, Minnie Aguilar, Kathleen Hermosa, Garlic Garcia, Cecil Paz, and Devon Seron

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Echoserang Frog (2014)

Echoserang Frog is a 2014 Filipino independent comedy movie starring Shalala. This pinoy film which is under Scenema Concept International is written and directed by Joven M. Tan.

Synopsis: To the unfamiliar, “echosera” is gay lingo for someone who is fond of telling lies and spreading rumors. The film tackles the problems of making “indie” films.

Supporting Cast: Angelu De Leon, Kiray Celis, Joross Gamboa, Dennis Padilla, Marco Alcaraz, Angelo Patrimonio, Empoy Marquez

Cameo Performances: Derek Ramsay, JC De Vera, Wendell Ramos, Alwyn Uytingco, Marco Alcaraz, Lou Veloso, Tonton Gutierrez, Mon Confiado, Mr. Fu, Edgar Allan Guzman, Lucky Mercado, Dingdong Avanzado, Jacklyn Jose, and Anita Linda

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Ilo Ilo (2013)

Ilo Ilo is a 2013 debut feature-length film by award-winning Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen. This drama movie, which won numerous awards abroad, stars Yeo Yann Yann, Chen Tian Wen, Angeli Bayani, and Koh Jia Ler. This film is brought to us by Fisheye Pictures.

Synopsis: Set in Singapore, ILO ILO chronicles the relationship between a family of three and their newly arrived Filipino maid, Teresa, who has come like many other Filipino women in search of a better life.

The entire family needs to adapt to the presence of this stranger, which further threatens their already strained relationship. Still, Teresa and Jiale, the young and troublesome boy she cares for, soon form a bond. Their unique connection continues to develop and soon she becomes an unspoken part of the family.

But this is 1997 and the Asian Financial Crisis is starting to be felt in all the region…

Supporting Cast: Jo Kukathas

Splendid Film!

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