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A Mother's Story Starring Pokwang

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A Mother's Story is a 2011 pinoy drama movie starring Pokwang, Xyriel Manabat, and Rayver Cruz. The film is directed by John D. Lazatin. It is produced by The Filipino Channel and distributed ABS-CBN International and Star Cinema.

Plot: Medy (Pokwang) is a make-up artist living in the Philippines with her family, composed of her jobless husband, a son, and an infant daughter. She regularly does the make-up of a popular concert star, who later on chose her as a personal make-up artist in a concert tour in the United States. While in America, she met former classmate Helen (Beth Tamayo) who convinced Medy to stay in the foreign country to be an illegal migrant worker. She decides to take up Helen's offer, in hopes tat working abroad will bring the prosperity her family seeks.

Following her friend's suggestions, Medy works as a front desk operator at a children's drama studio. Medy quickly becomes a natural at her job, becoming favorite among students, particularly a young girl named Cherry. When Medy learns that her earnings are not enough to cover the medicine for her sick daughter Queenie (Xyriel Manabat), she follows Helen's suggestion to work as a stay-in housekeeper to a couple who works as lawyers.

While working for the couple, Medy endures verbal and physical abuse. She also is barred contact to her family in the Philippines, with the couple going so far as hiding her passport from her, so she cannot leave. Medy endures the hardship in hopes of a better life for her family, and with the help of Cherry, the student in the dance studio who turned out to be the couple's daughter. Medy also has Helen, whom she trusts to send her earnings and other gifts to her family.

After seven years, Medy decides to leave the abusive couple. Fortunately, Cherry takes pity on her, and illicitly gives her passport back. Medy then seeks legal advice from a lawyer named Atty. Michael J. Gurfinkel, who advises her that she has a strong right to file a case against the family for illegal detention, physical injuries, and hiring someone like her as an undocumented citizen. Medy also confronts Helen, when she learns that not all her earnings made it to her family.

After seven years of absence, Medy comes home to an impartial family reunion. She finds out that her husband is seeing another woman, leaving her children in her mother's care Choleng. Also, while her daughter is grateful to finally meet her, her son feels betrayed by a mother who left her to fend for himself. Medy files for an annulment.

When Medy tells her family about the hardships she endured in the United States, her family finally understands her. Medy also gets a phone call from Atty. Gurfinkel stating that she won the case against the abusive couple. She gains back wages and additional money from emotional distress. This piece of good news lifts Medy's spirit, and she starts to rebuilds her life with her mother and her children. After a joyous Christmas celebration, King himself decides to go abroad just like his mother, hoping for a better future. The whole family wishes him the best of luck.

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