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'Juana C. The Movie' Starring Mae Paner

Juana C. The Movie is a 2013 Filipino independent comedy movie starring Mae Paner as "Juana Change". This pinoy laugh-out-loud film is directed by Jade Castro. It is produced by Laganap Productions. This is Ms. Paner's debut on the big screen.

Plot: “Juana C. The Movie” follows the outrageously hilarious yet painfully realistic adventures of a young person who slowly awakens to her country’s ills and how these are perpetuated by greedy businessmen, corrupt politicians, and a complacent majority. Hers is a journey from apathy to awareness to action – a triple A transformation!

Juana is a happy-go-lucky member of an indigenous people living in the mountains of Northern Luzon. When the class valedictorian falls victim to toxic waste, Juana is forced to take her place as a scholar at the elite “Arrneowww de Manila University.” Besieged on one side by unabashed commercial tourism and by an expanding nickel mining plant on the other, Juana’s community pins its hopes on her to finish school, become a lawyer, and come back to save the community’s ancestral and As soon as Juana sets foot in Manila, however, it becomes clear that her village’s mission for her might be an uphill battle. Ashamed of her poverty and tribal origins, Juana immediately reinvents herself as a bar-hopping, salon-pampered colegiala in order to gain acceptance in her new world. Juana soon finds that the only way to sustain her lavish lifestyle is to find work, which she does – as a high-class, plus-size escort for a niche market of chubby chasers.

Her trade brings her to the doorstep of Philippine power, in the persons of rich and corrupt politicians. As Juana’s star rises in the escort industry, she stumbles upon a sinister plot that will threaten everything and everyone she loves. With the help of Yanni (her first love), Hiro (an activist who has a crush on Juana), and Marina (a news blogger who runs around following leads in 7-inch heels), Juana will use all of her fabulous 250 pounds to fight the good fight against corruption and apathy.

Supporting Cast: Joel Torre, Ronnie Lazaro, Niño Muhlach, Orlando Sol, Soxie Topacio, Madlen Nicolas, Liesl Batucan, Annika Dolonius, Angelina Sparks Kanapi, Lauren Novero, Soliman Cruz, Angeli Bayani, Perry Dizon, Jelson Bay, and John James Uy

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