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Mumbai Love (2014)

Mumbai Love is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring Solenn Heussaff and Kiko Matos. This pinoy feature-length film is written and directed by Benito Bautista (Boundary, Harana) under Capestone Pictures in association with Wanderlustproject Films.

Plot: A young but already self-made Indian-Filipino named NANDI knows in his heart that he will find his soul mate in time and through destiny. However, his parents insist that tradition is tradition and that they know who will be best suited for their only son. As much as he loves his parents, Nandi cannot simply comply with this tradition. For him, love is not to be arranged but to be found through the intercession of fate. And fate indeed comes a-knocking when he meets a beautiful free-spirited Filipina in the heart of Mumbai, India by the name of ELLA.

Ella is a young independent woman who sources accessories for a small start up jewelry company in Makati. Her work brings her to Mumbai and little did she know that she will end up meeting a man who belongs to a different world and yet she feels that they are one and the same.

In the bustling traditional yet modern city of Mumbai begins Nandi and Ella’s whirlwind friendship and romance. Nandi tours her around the majestic city – giving her the local’s point of view. Nandi takes her to small communities to see what real locals do in real neighborhoods. He takes her to the center of arts and culture in Mumbai where she learns how truly colorful and rich Mumbai’s culture is. Nandi also takes her to the traditional and historical parts of Mumbai – the sacred temples and the museums – where Ella learns about the ancient history and civilization of this glorious city.

Ella not only finds herself falling in love with the beautiful people, culture, and landscape, but also with the young man showing her the magnificence of Mumbai, India.

One morning, when Ella wakes up still dreaming about her glorious night out with Nandi around the magical city of Mumbai, she realizes that she had to leave abruptly because her employer changed her flight for some emergency in their company back home. Ella also realizes that she made a stupid mistake of not exchanging contact info with Nandi. Time is running out and she had to make that flight to Manila. She leaves Mumbai in haste and with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, when Nandi visits Ella’s hotel, he finds out that Ella has left with no trace behind her. He is devastated. All he could remember is her sweet smile and the name Ella.

But Nandi is not giving up. He cannot let his destiny escape him. With the help of his best friend and cousin ROMNI, they head to Manila to search for Ella.

And the universe is truly by his side because Nandi finally finds Ella in the heart of Manila. The two start where they left off and this time, they know they have fallen for each other.

But like any other great love stories in the history of man, conflicts arise and Nandi and Ella’s love for each other is challenged by age-old traditions that are often hard to resist. Will Nandi and Ella’s interracial love succeed? Would Nandi disregard his parents’ will and pursue what his heart says? Or would he consider letting go of Ella in honor of his people’s tradition.

Supporting Cast: Jayson Gainza, Martin Escudero, Raymond Bagatsing, Jun Sabayton, Ronnie Lazaro, Angelina Kanapi, Jhiz Deocareza

Introducing: Romy Daryani

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